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One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
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Compact Fluorescent

Compact fluorescent lamps have become the preferred replacement for many incandescent lighting applications throughout the lighting marketplace.  The compact fluorescent lamps generally consume 75% less electrical current than an incandescent bulb of comparable lumen output.  There are two different styles of compact fluorescent available.  The vertical twin tube type which comes in single tube, quad tube and triple tube configurations.  These lamps most often have plug-in bases with two or four pins and require a separate ballast for correct operation.  The second type is the spiral compact fluorescent which is primarily built as a self-ballasted unit meaning that it can be easily used in a standard household lamp socket to replace incandescent lamps of the same size and style.  Another feature of compact fluorescent lamps is the availability of a wide range of color temperatures from 2700K (warm incandescent) to 6500K (cool daylight)  Compact fluorescent lighting is found in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications for decorative, commercial and residential applications.  Please contact a Kelsun sales representative if you do not find the particular fluorescent lamp you require and we will be pleased to assist you.        
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