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One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
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Medium Pressure Mercury


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Medium pressure mercury arc lamps are a broad spectrum source of UVC light.  Lamp lengths are between 10 and 140 centimeters with the wattage as high as 180 watts per centimeter.  These lamps produce the full range of the mercury spectrum but they are generally modified through the use of special quartz to construct the lamp envelope to produce a desired wavelength such as 185 nanometer or 254 nanometer.  Lamp ends may be configured selected from the listing of available connection hardware in the current Philips catalog.  These lamps are widely used in water purification, surface exposure and air purification. 
HOK 10/120 22 / 105ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 20/100 22 / 195ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 25/120 22 / 250ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 35/120 22 / 350ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 50/120 22 / 500ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 65/120 22 / 650ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 80/120 22 / 800ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 105/120 22 / 1050ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 140/120 22 / 1400ADD TO QUOTE
HOK 50/180 25 / 550ADD TO QUOTE
HTK 7/30 14 / 700ADD TO QUOTE