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Mini Candelabra (E-11)


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Halogen lamps in miniature candelabra screw base (E11) are typically a T4 or T5 (.5 or .625 inch diameter) envelope which operate on line voltage (120 volt) current.  The options for lamp finish is either clear or frosted and the wattage range is 35 watt to 500 watt.  These lamps are primarily found in residential decorative applications.
Q35CL/MC 35 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q35FR/MC 35 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q50CL/MC 50 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q50FR/MC 50 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q75CL/MC 75 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q75FR/MC 75 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q100CL/MC 100 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q100FR/MC 100 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q150CL/MC 150 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q150FR/MC 150 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q250CL/MC 250 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q250FR/MC 250 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q500CL/MC 500 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q500FR/MC 500 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE