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120 Volt Bayonet


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Line voltage (120 volt) halogen with double contact base (BA15d) is built in a T4 (.5 inch diameter) envelope with either a clear or frosted finish.  These lamps range in wattage from 35 watt to 250 watt and are typically used in residential accent lighting and in light commercial duty fixtures.
Q35CL/DC 35 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q35FR/DC 35 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q50CL/DC 50 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q50FR/DC 50 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q75CL/DC 75 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q75FR/DC 75 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q100CL/DC 100 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q100FR/DC 100 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q150CL/DC 150 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q150FR/DC 150 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE
Q250CL/DC 250 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
Q250FR/DC 250 Watt / FrostADD TO QUOTE