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Medical lamps are used to treat skin disorders primarily psoriasis in a clinical or home environment.  There are two spectral outputs utilized in treatment protocols.  While both spectral distributions are mainly within the UVB range (280nm to 320nm) they are distinct in application.  Broadband lamps have a distribution range of 280nm to 380nm with an output peak at about 312nm.  These lamps are used for medical treatment of skin disorders as well as industrial purposes such as curing finishes and photoaging testing for products such as paint and athletic shoes.  The development of narrow band lamps by Philips reduced the medical patient's exposure to the UV spectrum by limiting the distribution range to 302nm through 318nm with a peak emission at 311nm. These lamps have become the standard in phototherapy treatment for psoriatic patients.  You will find narrow band lamps in homes, offices, clinics and hospitals throughout the world.  Narrow band lamps are generally known as type 01 while broadband lamps are referred to as color 12.
It is important to note that all UVB lamp types are subject to United States Food and Drug Administration regulations and policies.  Please be aware that prescriptions, credentials and documentation will often be a part of your purchase process.  Your support and preparation involving these requirements is always appreciated.
FS15T8/UVB 18 Inches / Bi Pin / BroadbandADD TO QUOTE
FS24T12/UVB/HO 2 Foot / HO / BroadbandADD TO QUOTE
TL20W/01/RS UVB-MEDICAL 2 Foot / Bi Pin / NarrowbandADD TO QUOTE
TL-20/W/12/RS 2 Foot / Bi Pin / BroadbandADD TO QUOTE
TL40W/12/RS UVB-MEDICAL 4 Foot / Bi Pin / BroadbandADD TO QUOTE
FS72T12-UVB-SL 6 Foot / Single Pin / BroadbandADD TO QUOTE
TL100W/01/UV-MEDICAL (STANDARD) 6 Foot / HO / NarrowbandADD TO QUOTE
TL100W/01/FS72 6 Foot (72 Inches) / HO / NarrowbandADD TO QUOTE
FS72T12-UVB-HO 6 Foot (72 Inches) / HO / BroadbandADD TO QUOTE