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Mini Candelabra (E-11)


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These lamps have a krypton gas fill and are equivalent to E11 miniature candelabra halogen lamps.  The envelope of these lamps is glass as opposed to the quartz envelope construction of the halogen lamps.  This means that the krypton lamps can be handled without precaution unlike the quartz envelope of the halogen lamp.  The lifetime of the krypton lamp also exceeds the halogen by 30% or more.  Krypton lamps in this series are available in 20 watt, 40 watt and 60 watt in either a clear or frosted finish.
KX20CL/MC 20 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
KX20FR/MC 20 Watt / FrostedADD TO QUOTE
KX40CL/MC 40 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
KX40FR/MC 40 Watt / FrostedADD TO QUOTE
KX60CL/MC 60 Watt / ClearADD TO QUOTE
KX60FR/MC 60 Watt / FrostedADD TO QUOTE