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Metal Halide


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Encased core and coil ballasts for metal halide lamps also known as F-can ballasts are generally dual voltage (120 volt and 277 volt) and need to be matched by wattage and ANSI code to the lamp type.  The ANSI code is found on the ballast and the lamp as the letter M followed by three digits.  This type of ballast is not inventoried in large quantities and have a 2 to 4 week delivery time frame.
72C5280-NP Advance Transformers / 70 WattADD TO QUOTE
1120-251-A-TC Universal / 35 WattADD TO QUOTE
11210-236C-TC Universal / 50 WattADD TO QUOTE
11210506CTC Universal / 70 WattADD TO QUOTE
11210-239C-TC Universal / 100 WattADD TO QUOTE
11210-242C-TC Universal / 150 WattADD TO QUOTE
1110-245-SC-T Universal / 175 WattADD TO QUOTE
1110246CTC Universal / 250 WattADD TO QUOTE
1110247SCTC001 Universal / 400 WattADD TO QUOTE