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The reflector version of the F71 T12 tanning lamp represents a large portion of the tanning lamp market.  Available in 100 watt and 160 watt versions the lamps are used both horizontal (lay down) units as well as vertical (stand up) units.  A full range of output levels from 3.5% to 8.5% is available.  Additionally, extended maintenance lamps such as the A-Max and the A-Power deliver a more stable UV degradation curve for longer tanning performance.  Please consult with your salesperson about optimal lamp choices for your units.
Please recycle all fluorescent lamps in accord with local regulations.  All fluorescent tubes must be recycled including "green label" products.
FR71T12/BL/BP DS LSI / 100 Watt / Dual Sun RADD TO QUOTE
FR71T12/BL/HO 7.5 LSI / 100 Watt / 7.5 (Nevada Sun)ADD TO QUOTE
RUVA 100W Outrageous LSI / 100 Watt / OutrageousADD TO QUOTE
FR71/VHO/HP SIG. SER LSI / 160 Watt / Signature SeriesADD TO QUOTE
FR71/T12/BL/VHO 5.0 LSI / 160 Watt / 5.0 (Midday Sun)ADD TO QUOTE
FR71T12/BL/VHO 6.5 LSI / 160 Watt / 6.5 (Beach Sun)ADD TO QUOTE
FR71/200W SIG. SER LSI / 200 Watt / Signature Series 200ADD TO QUOTE
FR71/100W 3.5 SLI / 100-120 Watts / 3.5 Pure BronzeADD TO QUOTE
FR71/100W 5.5 SLI / 100-120 Watts / 5.5. Pure BronzeADD TO QUOTE
FR71/160W A-MAX SLI / 160 Watt / Pure Power A-MaxADD TO QUOTE