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Tanning Transformers


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Transformers are utilized to increase (boost) or decrease (buck) the inbound voltage to different types of commercial electrical equipment.  Generally, the tanning industry uses this type of transformer for higher wattage bed types, including high pressure beds, to maintain a constant voltage which will optimize the unit performance.  Often the voltage provided from the electrical panel is 208 volts or 277 volts and the tanning units operating parameters are 220 volts to 240 volts.  Transformers are rated in KVA and need to be matched to the electrical load requirements of the tanning unit prior to installation.  Please contact a salesperson by telephone or e-mail directly to ensure the best selection. 
416-1131-000 KVA .50 Jefferson Electric / .50ADD TO QUOTE
416-1141-000 KVA .75 Jefferson Electric / .75ADD TO QUOTE
416-1151-000 KVA 1.0 Jefferson Electric / 1.0ADD TO QUOTE
416-1161-000 Jefferson Electric / 1.5ADD TO QUOTE
T1-11683 KVA1.0 Acme Transformers / 1.0ADD TO QUOTE