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Instant Start T8


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Electronic fluorescent ballasts for T8 lamps are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 lamp configurations and have are universal voltage operating on any input voltage between 120 volts and 277 volts.  These ballasts are all instant start meaning that there is a single input lead for each end of the lamp.  There are various power factors available in this ballast type which are generally described as low, normal and high.  The majority of the installed base of T8 fluorescent ballasts are the normal power factor version.  Typically low and high power factor ballasts are specifically installed in energy saving projects and need to be ordered separately.
GE132MAX-N/ULTRA 1 - 17/25/32 WattADD TO QUOTE
GE232MAX-N/ULTRA 2 - 17/25/32 WattADD TO QUOTE
GE332MAX-N/ULTRA 3 - 17/25/32 WattADD TO QUOTE
GE432MAX-N/ULTRA 4 - 17/25/32 WattADD TO QUOTE