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Sign Ballast


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Sign ballasts are defined by the number of lamps supported and the specific range of lamp length which can be operated by the ballast.  The part number of the ballast will note whether it can drive 1 or 2 lamps, 3 to 4 lamps and 4 to 6 lamps as well as a minimum and maximum length of the connected lamps.  The operational range for length is generally from 4' to 16', 16' to 32' and 16' to 48'.  All of the lamp types used in these systems are T12 high output fluorescent.  As energy saving regulations have taken effect over recent years the magnetic sign ballasts have been converted to solid state electronic which has also changed the starting operation from rapid start to instant start.  This means that wiring schematics and socket wiring is different than the existing magnetic installations and need to be corrected when a new electronic ballast is installed.  Unfortunately, part numbers and specifications for sign ballasts do change over time so to ensure the best solution please advise the particulars of your current sign installation if you do not find a direct replacement for your current ballast.
ESB216-12 2-16 ft / 1-2ADD TO QUOTE
ESB432-14 4-32 ft / 2-4ADD TO QUOTE
ESB848-46 8-48 ft / 4-6ADD TO QUOTE
ESB1040-14 10-40 ft / 1-4ADD TO QUOTE