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32 W-900 Series


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These lamps are 32 watt T8 (one inch diameter) fluorescent tubes with a G13 medium bipin connection.  Both of these lamps have a CRI (color rendering index) above 92.   CRI is a measurement of correct color identification when compared to outdoor noonday light which is the default standard of 100.  These lamps have a color spectrum rating of 3000 Kelvin (warm white) and 5000 Kelvin (full spectrum) and are utilized in color critical applications such as display, graphic design and photography.  An important design consideration when using lamps with a CRI above 90 is the reduction in useful light (lumens) by approximately 30%.  The light output is sacrificed to achieve the high color rendering index and may require additional lamps be installed to compensate for the lumen loss. 
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