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Very High Output


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Very high output fluorescent lamps are available in a standard T12 diameter (1.5 inch) and from 48 inches to 96 inches in length.  These lamps are characterized by 1500 milliamp operation on a rapid start ballast.  The wattage range is form 110 watts to 215 watts and the color spectrum includes warm white (3000K), cool white (4100K), daylight (6500K) and specialty "grow light" phosphor for indoor plant growth.  These lamps are typically used in cold temperature applications such as refrigeration or in smaller areas where a high maintained light level is required.
F48T12/CW/1500 48" / 46" / Cool White (41K)ADD TO QUOTE
F48T12/D/VHO 48" / 46" / Daylight (65K)ADD TO QUOTE
F72T12/CW/VHO 72" / 69.91" / Cool White (41K)ADD TO QUOTE
F72T12/D/VHO 72" / 69.91" / Daylight (65K)ADD TO QUOTE
F96T12/WW/VHO 96" / 93.91" / Warm White (30K)ADD TO QUOTE
F96T12/CW/VHO 96" / 93.91" / Cool White (41K)ADD TO QUOTE
F96T12/D/VHO 96" / 93.91" / Daylight (65K)ADD TO QUOTE