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One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
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High Effeciency T5


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Standard wattage T5 fluorescent lamps are generally found in new construction or significant remodel projects and are utilized as energy efficient replacements for T8 and T12 lamps.  These lamps are installed in ceiling fixtures as well as soffet and alcove lighting.  The wattage range of these lamps is 14 watts, 21 watts 28 watts and 35 watts.  The color spectrum available is 3000K (warm white), 3500K (neutral) and 4100K (cool white).  The connection for these lamps is miniature bipin (G 5). 
F14T5/830 14 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F14T5/835 14 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F14T5/841 14 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F14T5/850 14 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F21T5/830 21 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F21T5/835 21 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F21T5/841 21 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F21T5/850 21 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F28T5/830 28 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F28T5/835 28 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F28T5/841 28 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F28T5/850 28 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F35T5/830 35 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE
F35T5/835 35 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE
F35T5/841 35 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE
F35T5/850 35 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE