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High Output T5


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High output T5 lamps are broadly used in new construction or energy saving retrofit projects to replace high output T12 fluorescent lamps as well as high intensity discharge lamps such as metal halide and sodium.  These lamps are available in 24 watt, 39 watt, 54 watt and 80 watt.  The color selection covers 3000K (warm white), 3500K (neutral), 4100K (cool white) and 5000K (full spectrum).  The end pin configuration is miniature bipin (G 5). 
F24T5/830 24 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F24T5/835 24 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F24T5/841 24 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F24T5/850 24 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 21.6"ADD TO QUOTE
F39T5/830 39 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F39T5/835 39 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F39T5/841 39 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F39T5/850 39 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 33.4"ADD TO QUOTE
F54T5/830 54 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F54T5/835 54 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F54T5/841 54 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F54T5/850 54 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 45.2"ADD TO QUOTE
F80T5/830 80 Watt / Warm White (30K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE
F80T5/835 80 Watt / Neutral (35K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE
F80T5/841 80 Watt / Cool White (41K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE
F80T5/850 80 Watt / Full Spectrum (50K) / 57.1"ADD TO QUOTE