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Coated A type


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Teflon safety coated incandescent lamps are designed for food service, construction and high traffic areas.  Safety coated lamps come in a wide range of sizes from A15 appliance lamps to PS25 as well as wattage which ranges from 40 watt to 300 watt.  Safety coating can be applied to any light bulb below 300 watts as long as a single case (of lamps) is tendered for coating.
25A19/KIF/STC 25 Watt / A19ADD TO QUOTE
40A15/KIF/STC 40 Watt / A15ADD TO QUOTE
60A15/KIF/STC 60 Watt / A15ADD TO QUOTE
60A19/KIF/STC 60 Watt / A19ADD TO QUOTE
75A19/KIF/STC 75 Watt / A19ADD TO QUOTE
100A19/KIF/STC 100 Watt / A19ADD TO QUOTE
150A23/KIF/STC 150 Watt / A23ADD TO QUOTE
150PS25/KIF/STC 150 Watt / PS25ADD TO QUOTE
200PS25/KIF/STC 200 Watt / PS25ADD TO QUOTE
300PS25/KIF/STC 300 Watt / PS25ADD TO QUOTE