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Coated Fluorescent lamps


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Safety coated fluorescent lamps are typically found in food storage and processing applications.  The safety coating typically contains the debris from the entire lamp if it is damaged while in operation.  While any fluorescent lamp can be coated there is typically low variability in the type of fixtures employed n the industry so the listed products are the most common.  The T12 (1.5 inch) diameter lamps are available in 3 foot (30 watt), 4 foot (40 watt) and 8 foot HO (110 watt) while the T8 (1 inch diameter) is available in 4 foot (32 watt).  All of the 3 foot and 4 foot lamps utilize the G13 medium bipin connection with the 8 foot lamp is an R17d recessed double contact base.  All of the listed lamps are cool white (4100 K) in color.
F96T12CW/HO/CVG 8 Foot / T12 (1.5")ADD TO QUOTE
F32T8/SP35/CVG 4 Foot / T8 (1")ADD TO QUOTE
F40CW/ECO/CVG 4 Foot / T12 (1.5")ADD TO QUOTE
F30T12CW/RS/ECO/CVG 3 Foot / T12 (1.5")ADD TO QUOTE