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One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
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LED Lighting

LED lighting is a rapidly emerging technology in both replacement lighting and new fixture construction.  LED offers two significant advantages over standard incandescent and halogen light sources.  Those advantages are lower energy consumption and long service life.  LED is on par with compact spiral fluorescent for energy savings by consuming about 25% of the input watts of the equivalent incandescent or halogen product.  The long service life of LED light sources ranges from 25,000 hours to 100,000 hours depending on the design and component quality utilized in the construction of the LED light bulb.  LED fixtures offer the same advantages but with the added benefit of optical control.  As lighting fixtures are often mounted from ten to forty feet above the ground the ability to direct and focus LED light allow the fixture manufacturer to increase the precision of the delivered light while decreasing the overall wattage consumed.  The addition of optical control to the LED fixture allows the energy savings to expand to nearly 50% over comparable lighting fixtures manufactured from high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps.  Please contact your Kelsun sales representative for the latest specifications available for LED lighting sources as well as any energy saving rebates from your local electrical utility.

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