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Plant Growth and Aquarium


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Plant and aquarium lamps are designed to promote plant growth in both open air and aquatic environments.  This is accomplished with a shift in the phosphor blend (interior lamp coating) to emphasize increased red spectrum output.  The effect of increasing the red portion of the spectrum is to stimulate initial plant growth from the seedling level.  These lamps are not designed to support fully mature plants as the sole lighting source but are used in combination with other light sources that provide additional blue and green light.  The wattage range of these lamps is 15 watt to 40 watt and the lamps are available in T8 (1 inch diameter) and T12 (1.5 inch diameter).
F20T12/GRO/AQ/RP 20 Watt / T12ADD TO QUOTE
F30T8/AR/FS 30 Watt / T8ADD TO QUOTE
F40T12/GRO/AQ/RP 40 Watt / T12ADD TO QUOTE