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One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
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Starters are necessary in choke ballast systems where the initial lamp ignition function is separate from the lamp current regulation function.  In most tanning units the electrical design incorporates a choke ballast system and therefore starters are required.  The starter warms the electrode (coil) in the end of the lamp prior to the introduction of the operating current.  Starters are generally rated by wattage, voltage and the tube diameter of the lamps with which they are paired.  In tanning lamp applications the voltage is constant at 220 volts to 240 volts but the lamp diameter ranges from 5/8" to 1.5" and the wattage ranges from 15 watts to 225 watts.  There are two types of starters electronic and glow starters.  The difference is in both the construction and operation of the starter.  A glow starter uses an encapsulated switch to warm the coil and it will begin to heat the lamp from the time power is applied to the circuit until the lamp fully lights.  The electronic starter utilizes a circuit board which warms the lamp coil for a preset period of 1 to 2 plus seconds and then it drops out of the circuit.  There are benefits and drawbacks for both types of starters.  Please consult with your Kelsun sales representative about your best starter options.  It is important to note that failure to promptly and regularly replace starters prior to the end of their rated life will lead to early lamp failure and possibly costly repairs.
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