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One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
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Full spectrum incandescent lamps employ a rare mineral earth known as neodymium to coat the envelope of the bulb or alternatively it is mixed with the silica when the glass envelope is formed.  These lamps listed here are the latter type with the neodymium formed into the lamp glass which eliminates the possibility of a coating delamination during bulb operation.  The addition of neodymium does not alter the output of the incandescent lamp but it does shift the spectrum emphasis from the red end of the toward the blue end of the color spectrum presenting a more natural appearance of colors throughout the immediate environment.  These lamps are available in R20, R30 and R40 reflector styles and they come in 60 watt, 75 watt, 100 watt and 150 watt outputs.
60R20/FL-NEO 60 Watt / R20 (2-1/2" diameter)
75R30/FL-NEO 75 Watt / R30 (3-3/4" diameter)
75R40/FL-NEO 75 Watt / R40 (5" diameter)
100R40/FL-NEO 100 Watt / R40 (5" diameter)
150R40/FL-NEO 150 Watt / R40 (5" diameter)