One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
One Source For All Your Replacement Lighting Requirements
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Our family has been in the replacement lighting business since 1959 and we now represent the third generation of participation in a growing global business.  Kelsun Distributors began in 1987 as a specialty lighting firm with a strong focus on ultraviolet lamp products.  Our goal is to offer the best lighting solutions available to our customers utilizing the experience of more than 20 years in the business.  In addition to our collective knowledge we rely on the capabilities of a truly global supply chain which has grown over the past decades to include over 400 suppliers.

Our commitment to our customers is founded in our inventory of over 9000 items which we maintain ready for immediate delivery.  This type of supply allows us to ship many of your requirements  within a 24 hour period.  While this model of inventory expressly tilts toward breadth of inventory over depth we can often have your larger quantity orders delivered within just a few days.

Our focus on ultraviolet lamp products encompasses a very wide variety of specialized markets.  UVA lamps which are utilized in printing, reprography, industrial curing and cosmetic tanning.  UVB lamps which are primarily used in medical treatment with some small industrial applications.  UVC lamps which have a significant and growing role in the purification of air, potable water and industrial waste water.  We provide ultraviolet lamps of all types to manufacturers, distributors and end users on a local, national and international basis.

Our goal of providing the best in lighting solutions encompasses a wide variety of energy saving technologies including fluorescent, high pressure arc sources and light emitting diodes (LED).  These lighting alternatives are available for replacement of existing systems, retrofitting existing systems and the installation of new complete system solutions.